#WEARETOOWASTED – Unfiltered & Edgy Pastel Goth Grunge Fashion

Based dead centre in the United Kingdom, TOOWASTED are here to provide aliens, potatoes and pastel goth babies with unfiltered & edgy pastel goth grunge fashion and accessories. Whether you associate with Goth, grunge, emo or scene kid, let us tool your expression and individuality.

Rules, censorship and political correctness are terms used to keep us quiet, we see the same generic designs day in, day out, and our response is to simply do it better! Our designs aren’t for everyone, and the easily offended should look away now!

We may be a young company, but that does not mean we cut any corners. We offer Unisex, Women’s Fit, and Deep Scoop T-Shirts currently, with a view to offer more garments including Jumpers, Hoodies and Crop Tops from Summer 2017. Unlike a lot of our competitors, we stock and produce all of our items from our offices in the UK. No outsourcing of manufacturing, no cheap Chinese ink prints, and most importantly, all items ready to ship within 1 working day.

Having our own Vinyl and DTG Direct to Garment Ink printers means we can fully control quality of our Pastel goth grunge fashion, and are able to offer custom prints and bulk orders with on issues. Get in touch now for custom t-shirt orders.