Anti Social Top Girls Pocket Shirts, Anti Social Club – Tee top tank Deep Scoop Loose Shirt Funny Vintage Fashion Clothing

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Printed individually by hand using vinyl cut printing and dispatched within 1 working day from our main offices in the heart of the UK.

Why do we use Vinyl Cut Printing?

We pick and choose between various methods of printing on a per-design basis. In the case of this design, we have opted for the use of vinyl as we feel it gives the highest quality output, a solid colour and sharpest possible edges to the final print. What this means for you is a lower overall cost when compared to our full colour DTG prints and a cleaner / sharper appearance when text is used as the main focus of the hoodie’s design.

Shipping Options

Our order processing is fast and efficient! All items are printed and ready for dispatch within 1 working day from order placement. This ensures that you are flaunting that sexy new fashion statement as quickly as possible – whether based domestically or internationally. Our USA and European delivery times are on a par with domestic services within the areas.

Please allow between 2-4 working days for UK orders and 7-10 for orders made outside of the UK. 99% of our shipments are received before the top end of these estimates, as a result we will only investigate lost orders once the expected delivery time-frame has been missed.